Why Vision Matters

Vision is the foundation for future growth.

It sets direction.

It focuses activity.

It inspires action.

And a little of it goes a long way.

Vision doesn’t create growth. Execution creates growth. But vision sets the stage. And without it, most teams are left fearful, frustrated and wandering in circles.

The VISION Workshop

In a fun, fast-paced and interactive 3 hour session, you’ll work through a series of 12-15 exercises that will help you see your organization in new ways and develop a stronger, clearer vision that will help you lead your team to future growth.

You (or you and your team) will:

  • Re-visit your purpose, vision and values.
  • Examine your people, products/services, processes and place.
  • Explore your own leadership strengths and ways you can lead even better.
  • Identify areas of high-growth potential in your organization.
  • Uncover trouble-spots that keep you from growing more.
  • Create aggressive growth goals at 3 mos, 6-12 mos, 2-5 years, and 5+ years.
  • Establish a “next steps” action plan that gets you growing right away.

If you’re ready to grow, you can learn more and register here.